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I am an internet potato.

I am an internet potato. I have to surf the net for at least five hours a day or else I will suffer from withdrawal symptoms (not kidding). I’d rather not have water for a day than zero internet connection. That’s how bad it is.

Having said that, the first 3 websites I go to as soon as I open my browser are the following:

1. Facebook – because it’s practically updated every 10 seconds.  It’s my way of getting in touch with friends and family even if I live a few thousand miles away in Timbuktu.  Ironically, I know people more through their facebooks accounts than in real life.

2. Yahoomail – because is my lifeline. All my online accounts are connected to this bitch so what more can I say?

I also acknowledge the fact that I am a weird person and that my brain works in an entirely different tune, but I’m so hating that part of myself that misses spam e-mails whenever they’re not around!

3. PEP – because showbiz is my guilty pleasure. There’s nothing more reassuring than watching other people’s lives go down in flames because of their fame and fortune. Hehehe.


Posted by on June 15, 2009 in Blogging, Internet, Personal