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I am a funny moment.

In a time of global warming, equal rights and economic recessions… men and women seem to undergo a reversal of fortune of some sort.

I am a funny moment that happened a few years ago.  It may not be as crack worthy to you as it is to me but I will share it anyway. Here goes…

Two lovers were in the middle of a motel entrance when the girlfriend (who was the one sitting behind the wheel) suddenly stopped the car to a halt. She looked at her nervous boyfriend and said:

Girlfriend: “Sigurado ka nga ready ka na? Pwede ko ya kahulat.” (Are you sure you’re ready for this? I’m willing to wait.)

Boyfriend (sweating profusely): “Oo. Sigurado na ko.” (Yes. I’m really sure.)

… and the tall gates of the motel closed with the two dimwits inside.

25 Year-Old Virgin

23 Year-Old Virgin

I am no Maria Clara nor am I a supporter of male chauvinism but sometimes I miss living in a world where men are men and women are women. Sigh.


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