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I am a bear brand kid.

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Photo Credits

Mama has always been my Jedi master when it comes to motherhood. She has a heart so kind and so pure that even master Yoda pales in comparison.

Come. I will let you in on one of our rarely published mother-daughter conversations. I’m not good with translations so please bear with me.

Me: Ma, kamahal na gid sang gatas subong.  Pwede ko na ilisan ang gatas ni Iago sang baratuhon? (Ma, infant milk is really expensive nowadays. Is it ok if I shift Iago to a cheaper formula?)

Mama: Ok man. Sige. (It’s ok. Do it.)

Me: Pero basi magmango ang bata sina. (But it’s probably going to make him a dumb baby.)

Mama: Indi a. Ok lang na. Ikaw gani Bear Brand ka man lang sang una pero alam ka man gyapon pagdako mo. (Not at all. I only fed you with Bear Brand when you were to little but you still turned out fine.)

Me: Hah? (jaw drop)

God I hope she was just kidding. LOLz.


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