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I am a daughter.

Photo Credits

Photo Credits

Let me go straight to the point. I am a daughter. I have a mother. And these are the basic life lessons she taught me, that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will never be able to teach her little children.

Lesson 1

GMA: Children, you should earn your keep.

Mikee, Luli, Dato: And you do?

Lesson 2

GMA: Children, share your blessings to the poor.


Lesson 3

GMA: Children, do not put on your plate, more than what you can eat.

Pffft! Let the poor filipinos worry about that. This is Le Cirque baby!

Lesson 4

GMA: Children, put your brains to good use.

I did mom, err, actually. See that big mansion over there?

Lesson 5

GMA: Children, live simply and within your means. Money is not everything.

And by “simply”, you mean?

Lesson 6

GMA: Children, respect yourself so that others may respect you.

No biggie, we’re already used to being disrespected. Just as long as they don’t write what we did in history books, we’re cool.

Lesson 7

GMA: Children, avoid shady people.

Hihi. Benjamin Abalos thinks so too.

Lesson 8

GMA: Children, do not to lie, cheat or steal.

Damn you mom!


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