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I am a mother.

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Photo Credits

There are things a small baby can do to you that can only be described by cliches like “Motherhood changes you for the better.” or “Being a parent is the best thing in the world.” or “Life will never be the same again after having a child.”

I wish there were better adjectives in the english language that could define the surreal feeling of carrying a two year old boy in my arms.

Now, everything that doesn’t concern his future is a non-issue. What is happening to me? Have I become a stalker of my own son? Is this normal?

If I were still a 22 year old yuppie right now, I’d say, “Ewe!” after sipping on a warm cup of Starbucks coffee. But that was ages ago. In a world where only I and my worldly hopes and dreams exist.

Aaaargh! I’m sorry. I can’t quite explain myself and how I feel. Enough for now. First, let me find the words.

And uh by the way, happy birthday son. Thank you for making me sound like a confused vocabulary-challenged person. Mwaaah!


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I am a bear brand kid.

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Photo Credits

Mama has always been my Jedi master when it comes to motherhood. She has a heart so kind and so pure that even master Yoda pales in comparison.

Come. I will let you in on one of our rarely published mother-daughter conversations. I’m not good with translations so please bear with me.

Me: Ma, kamahal na gid sang gatas subong.  Pwede ko na ilisan ang gatas ni Iago sang baratuhon? (Ma, infant milk is really expensive nowadays. Is it ok if I shift Iago to a cheaper formula?)

Mama: Ok man. Sige. (It’s ok. Do it.)

Me: Pero basi magmango ang bata sina. (But it’s probably going to make him a dumb baby.)

Mama: Indi a. Ok lang na. Ikaw gani Bear Brand ka man lang sang una pero alam ka man gyapon pagdako mo. (Not at all. I only fed you with Bear Brand when you were to little but you still turned out fine.)

Me: Hah? (jaw drop)

God I hope she was just kidding. LOLz.


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I am a granddaughter.


Lolo Doling

How time flies. You will be 82 years old in September. Just the thought of that makes me want to catch my breath. Where was I when you were ten years younger?

Was I too busy with my work, with my family and with myself that I somehow forgot how utterly wonderful it is to sit on your lap and listen to your many stories?

When I was young, you told me that the sky was only 12 feet high until it got angry at people who tried to poke it with big wooden sticks. I still believe it. And I’m also going to tell my son that story until it becomes the truth. Hehehe.

I love you Lo. I wish I didn’t grow up so you wouldn’t grow old. I wish you’d forever be the forgetful yet brilliant mind that I’ve always looked up to. I wish time was a commodity with a price tag. But that’s not possible right?

Knowing that, I will be reserving a plane ticket so I could go home before the year ends. I am looking forward to that big smile on your face whenever I give your toes a nice pedicure.


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I am a freaked out sister.

My sister and fifteen of her other classmates in medical school are down with fever. They probably got it when they all went to a party during the weekend.

Our mom immediately took a ferry to Iloilo after she heard the news. I was initially worried that it might be a case of swine flu but my sister assured me that it is not.

Swine Flue Symptoms

Swine Flu Symptoms

I didn’t want to blog about it until Bebeth was in better shape. She’s poking me non-stop on facebook right now so that should be a good sign.I


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