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I am an unwed mother.

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MANILA, Philippines — Insisting on their religious and academic freedoms, Catholic educational institutions are seeking exemption from a provision in the new Magna Carta of Women banning the dismissal of unwed mothers from employment or school. ~ Philippine Daily Inquirer Article

Do you know how hard it is to be pregnant with child in this day and age? Without a husband? Without a college degree? Without a decent job? (sad)

Pre-natal checkups. Hospital bills. Childbirth. Post-partum stress. If you think it’s hard then think again! Especially if you’re a man! Because it’s much harder than you think! (angry)

Look at me. Huhu. I’m so ugly. I have stretch marks. Nausea. Heartburn. Hemorrhoids. I vomit. I pee 24 times a day. Now you’re telling me that I can’t go to school? Or go to work? (insecure)

I did not have this baby via asexual reproduction! If you should really do this to me, let those unwed fathers have a slice of the bitter cake too! And for crying out loud, stop giving God a bad name! (beyond hormonal)

Speaking of cake. Does anybody have a cake? With strawberries and sardines on top? Yoohoo! Cake? (hungry)


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