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I am a lost child.

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No. I am not one of those children who desperately looks for the nearest Jollibee outlet (as per mom’s instructions) after getting lost in the mall or one who figuratively lost his way to drugs and alcohol.

Instead, I am one who thickens the plot of every pinoy telenovela in existence. There should be at least one of me in a soap opera or the world will start turning in the opposite direction, self-destruct even.

Does Santino in May bukas pa, JR & Dave in  Tayong Dalawa, Ella & Miguel in  Dahil may isang ikaw, Rosalinda in Rosalinda and of course, Narda in Darna ring a bell?

I won’t even mention other afternoon and evening telenovelas with a similar plot in the last ten years because there’s just too many of them.  Aaaah, the list will easily go up to a hunded!  (laugh)

Point is, this storyline is so overused and abused that it already sounds lame. Redundant. Contrived. Gee, anyone who watches these shows would probably come to a conclusion that we are a nation with lots of absent-minded parents. (kidding)

I agree. There is nothing more heartwarming than a parent-child reunion in the end but I mean, c’mon, how many ways can a a parent lose his/her child or vice-versa?


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