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I am a blog.

Photo Credits

Photo Credits

I’m looking for a new owner. Because I’m a blog. Not a friggin’ doormat.

Aside from being the mistress of procrastination, my so-called skipper is just too lazy to toink toink her fingers on the keyboard.

Gee, she can’t even come up with crappy stories even if she wanted to. If that’s not reason enough to run for my life then I don’t know what else is.

I have a huge problem though. The smart bitch didn’t give me her password. Dang! I said all of that for nothing.


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I am a writer’s block.

A Writer's Block

A Writer's Block

I am in that state again. I have nothing to write about in the empty pages of my notebook. All I can think of are uninspired mediocre topics that don’t interest me nor the rest of the world.

I am in a perfect state of inertia. This is so because I do not have anything to keep my blood going. What I do have,  is a symphony of unfinished thoughts that I cannot translate into paper.

It’s weird. Sometimes my mind is like a stream with ceaselessly flowing ideas. But most times it’s like a desert deprived of any intellectual nourishment.

I wish I was a better writer. More imaginative. More daring. Less boring. A better blogger.


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I am iagosmom.


Ah! The pressure!

I have recently changed my internet name from “iagosmom” to “iamnobe” because it gave me more space to breath.

I was still single when I started blogging. Freedom of expression was never a problem in those times because no one looked up to me like I was some kind of long-haired goddess.

When I got married and became a mom, I started to limit my language and my thoughts within a block of ice in order to please a certain demographic. I did not want to offend anybody nor did I want any other blogger to lecture me on “responsibility”. See how hard I’ve been on myself lately?

I love my son more than anything, but being “iagosmom” online just bored me to death. Motherhood changed me in a lot of ways–  even in my style of writing. (Ha! If pushing a 6.4 pound critter out of your vagina doesn’t change you, nothing else will.)

Moving on, I’m already tired of regularly stopping in my tracks to contemplate about all my blog entries and commentaries. Is it demure enough? Does it sound mother-like? Shall I tone it down a little bit?

Im no Superwoman.

I'm no Superwoman.

Case in point. I have been itching to talk about the latest of Hayden Kho sex videos for weeks now. I want to say this and this and that but I can’t because I am supposed to be blushing over these things and most importantly, I don’t want people to know that I’ve been watching those videos!

Then it suddenly dawned on me… motherhood does not define all of me. It is merely an extension of my crazy and opinionated self.

Is it possible that I took motherhood the wrong way? Instead of limiting me, it should actually give me some level of authority to talk about things like sex, love and rock n’ roll right?

(think think) As much as I want to elaborate on the matter, I’m already tired of listening to myself. So there…


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I am Google Philippines.

I especially have a cute logo today. I hope it stays there for while. (smile) (smile)


Bayang magiliw,
Perlas ng Silanganan,
Alab ng puso, Sa dibdib mo’y buhay.

Lupang Hinirang,
Duyan ka ng magiting,
Sa manlulupig,
‘Di ka pasisiil.

Sa dagat at bundok,
Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw,
May dilag ang tula
At awit sa paglayang minamahal.

Ang kislap ng watawat mo’y
Tagumpay na nagniningning,
Ang bituin at araw niya
Kailan pa ma’y di magdidilim.

Lupa ng araw, ng luwalhati’t pagsinta,
Buhay ay langit sa piling mo;
Aming ligaya, na ‘pag may mang-aapi
Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo.


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