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I am an unwed mother.

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MANILA, Philippines — Insisting on their religious and academic freedoms, Catholic educational institutions are seeking exemption from a provision in the new Magna Carta of Women banning the dismissal of unwed mothers from employment or school. ~ Philippine Daily Inquirer Article

Do you know how hard it is to be pregnant with child in this day and age? Without a husband? Without a college degree? Without a decent job? (sad)

Pre-natal checkups. Hospital bills. Childbirth. Post-partum stress. If you think it’s hard then think again! Especially if you’re a man! Because it’s much harder than you think! (angry)

Look at me. Huhu. I’m so ugly. I have stretch marks. Nausea. Heartburn. Hemorrhoids. I vomit. I pee 24 times a day. Now you’re telling me that I can’t go to school? Or go to work? (insecure)

I did not have this baby via asexual reproduction! If you should really do this to me, let those unwed fathers have a slice of the bitter cake too! And for crying out loud, stop giving God a bad name! (beyond hormonal)

Speaking of cake. Does anybody have a cake? With strawberries and sardines on top? Yoohoo! Cake? (hungry)


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I am a million-peso dinner.

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I am the expensive crap you’ve all been whining about for the past week. How dare you judge our dear president at my expense?

I was only there to comfort her and her cronies as she mourned the passing of a great leader back home. According to her,  Cory was her role model.

The look on her face as she chewed on a bite sized escargot was heartbreaking. She was clearly devastated. I wish you were there to see it.

She is not as evil as most of you want to think. If anything, she proved to the whole world that the Philippines is not a poor country. How else could the government afford me if we were not drowning in prosperity?

Give her a break. She has been working her ass off to create a good future for all of us. She even had to cheat in the elections just to continue her noble mission. If that doesn’t make her patriot, I don’t know what else will.

So to all of you haters out there, I have three letters for you. Our president is not a pig! I repeat. She is not a P-I-G! If she was, she would have been out of Malacañang years ago. Morons.


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I am a national hero.

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It’s August 1, 2009. A few hours more and I will finally be united with my beloved. She breathed her last at 3:15 this morning and it’s about time she rested.

It’s been 23 years since the People Power Revolution but my country is still struggling for freedom from a long standing culture of corruption, violence and deceit. Evil has merely taken a subtler form.

If I can only feel pain, I will be dipped in 8 feet  and 40 tons of it. The people whom I took a bullet for many years ago are the same ones who desecrate my memory.

It’s a good thing that I am dead now. If I were alive I will probably die of a heart attack upon seeing our nation at the mercy of these dogs whose rabies are more potent than that of the Marcoses.

I hope everything changes soon.


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I am a thought for the day.

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“The mouth is always mightier than the sword.” – Anabil Rama

“Size does not matter.” (grin) – Dr. Hayden Kho

“It is better to cheat in order to repeat”. – President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

“Aanhin mo ang gwapo kung mas malandi pa sa iyo.” – Carmina Villaroel

“Behind the success of every corrupt president is a crafty better half”. – First Gentleman Mike Arroyo

“I agree!” – Imelda Marcos

Happy Weekend Everyone! Mwaah!


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I am an ex-husband.

Sabi nila ay nag-unahan sa pagtulo ang mga luha mo nang mawalan ako ng malay sa harapan mo.

Ikaw raw mismo ang nagdala sa akin sa ospital at nagpakilalang asawa ko. Ngunit nang magising ako ay wala ka na sa tabi ko.



Oo nga pala. Asawa kita. Dating asawa. Kung paanong nangyari iyon ay hindi ko na gustong maalala pa.

Kung mayroon man akong ikinagalak sa nangyaring iyon ay ito. Mahal mo rin pala ako sa kabila ng hindi mo pag-kibo. Hindi ako makapaniwala.

Gusto kitang sumbatan at sisihin sa mga nangyari. Mahal mo rin pala ako pero bakit wala kang ginawa? Huli na. Hindi na tayo maaaring magsama pa.

Naisin ko mang balikan ka ay hindi ko makakayang paiyakain ang babaeng kumalinga sa akin mula nang mawala ka. Napakabuti niya. Ayoko. Hindi ko magagawa. Ang alam niya ay mahal ko na rin siya.

Sa mga oras at araw na halos mabaliw ako sa pangungulila sa iyo ay siya ang kasama ko. Siya ang naging daan para unti-unting maghilom ang sugat na ginawa ng paglayo mo.

Ipagpaumanhin mo kung hindi ko na matutupad ang pangako kong mamahalin ka hanggang sa aking pagtanda. Mula ng lumayo ka ay kay rami nang nagbago.Sa akin. Sa iyo. At sa pag-ibig na kaytagal kong itinago sa puso ko.

Paalam. Mahal kita. Pero hanggang dito na lamang ako. Sana.. sana ay maging maligaya tayong dalawa.

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I am a sex scandal.



A few weeks ago some government agents threatened to shut down a website and incarcerate its owner for allegedly propagating me. What am I, a pollen?

These morons never realize that tearing down sleazy websites one by one is merely reacting to the problem (which is me in this case) instead of finding a permanent solution to it. Close one today and it will only be replaced by ten others in a matter of minutes.

You see, living in a free world is not without its consequences. I am just one of the many undesirable things that can happen if some people can’t resist scratching that itchy bitchy organ down south.

Their weakness in the face of tall, handsome and yummy doctors is not my fault. This is what normally happens when people try to disobey their parents and their conscience. (scorn)


Shut Up.

All these, of course, is just the tip of the iceberg. I somehow play a small part in an issue that is five tons heavier than me. This is only the beginning.

I am afraid that I just became a perfect stepping stone for internet censorship. I practically handed them the key to mess with the fine line between freedom and restriction.

The internet had always been a great equalizer. We should all agree to that. But now that the government gained the right to arrest random webmasters whom they don’t agree with, what’s next?


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I am a moral lesson.

Now why would anyone as antique as you call  Charice Pempengco a monkey? If you had to say anything harsh, at least make sure it’s close to the truth. You could have called her siopao faced and I wouldn’t have lifted any one of my fingers.

This is what happens when people who ought to shut up choose to open their machine gun mouth. They get into trouble. Deep and abysmal trouble.

Apparently, you don’t have the slightest idea how many Gary V. and Arnel Pineda fans are conniving to ding dong ditch you until you’re dead. Hehehe.

No matter, I’m still your biggest fan.

This is you right?

This is you right?


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