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I am Jason Ivler.

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Age 5. I slapped my Yaya on the face. It’s ok. My mom already scolded her.

Age 8. I punched my classmate three times. It’s ok. My mom said it’s his fault, not mine.

Age 10. I told my teacher she’s a bitch. It’s ok. My mom said I needed to teach her a lesson too.

Age 14. I snorted my first cocaine. It’s ok. My mom said we all go though that stage in life.

Age 16. I slapped my girlfriend on the face. It’s ok. My mom said she deserved it.

Age 19. I masterminded a big brawl at school. It’s ok. My mom said she’s going to talk to the principal.

Age 23. I accidentally killed Undersecretary Nestor Ponce Jr because of my reckless driving. It’s ok. My mom will get me out of prison with her money.

Age 28. I killed Renato Ebarle Jr. with a gun. It’s ok. My mom will say “it is the choice of heaven”.

Age 28. People hate me. It’s ok. My mom said “til death do us part”.

Age 28. I am a fugitive with P1,000,000.00 over my head. It’s ok. My mom will hide me inside her basement and tell everyone she doesn’t know where I am.

Age 28. I sprayed some pesky policemen with bullets. It’s ok. Hehehe. My mom loves me no matter what I did.

Hell yeah! I have the best mom in the whole wide world! Woohoo!


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I am a Romance Writer.

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I was born in Aklan, raised in Bacolod and am now living in Cebu with my family. I do speak three dialects fluently. Like my upbringing, I have always been a child of different worlds. I constantly felt like I never belonged to anything nor anyone, well, until I discovered writing.

I remember being a three year-old who pretended to know how to read by memorizing the dialogues in the pages of a local magazine. Thanks to my grandfather who instilled in me the value of pursuing knowledge wherever I go. I was so young then but I already understood how mere words can affect and influence people.

I was addicted to anything and everything that spelled romance and witty conversations. One time, my mother even threatened to boil my komiks collection and force me to drink the juice so I would stop reading them and start studying my lessons in school. Laugh not for that was a true story.

I did not read a lot of english romance novels but I educated myself by reading articles on paper and scouring the internet for random information. I never went anywhere without a notebook and a ballpen on hand. Ideas, for me, were like rainbows. I had to take note of them before they disappeared on me forever.

I woke up in the morning and slept at night with nothing but heroes and heroines in my mind. Writing about how they met and fell in love was pretty much the air that I breathed and I couldn’t even begin to imagine myself without it. Call me crazy.

I have always believed that a writer should have two wings in order to fly. One wing should be forged out of passion and the other one, freedom of expression. Hey, look Ma, I’m flying..


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