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I am a blog.

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I’m looking for a new owner. Because I’m a blog. Not a friggin’ doormat.

Aside from being the mistress of procrastination, my so-called skipper is just too lazy to toink toink her fingers on the keyboard.

Gee, she can’t even come up with crappy stories even if she wanted to. If that’s not reason enough to run for my life then I don’t know what else is.

I have a huge problem though. The smart bitch didn’t give me her password. Dang! I said all of that for nothing.


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I am three lovers.

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They say that we are all destined to meet three lovers in our lifetime. The one who will love us most. The one whom we will love most. And the one we are going to end up with.

And if we were really really lucky, we’d meet all three of them in one person..


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I am a million-peso dinner.

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I am the expensive crap you’ve all been whining about for the past week. How dare you judge our dear president at my expense?

I was only there to comfort her and her cronies as she mourned the passing of a great leader back home. According to her,  Cory was her role model.

The look on her face as she chewed on a bite sized escargot was heartbreaking. She was clearly devastated. I wish you were there to see it.

She is not as evil as most of you want to think. If anything, she proved to the whole world that the Philippines is not a poor country. How else could the government afford me if we were not drowning in prosperity?

Give her a break. She has been working her ass off to create a good future for all of us. She even had to cheat in the elections just to continue her noble mission. If that doesn’t make her patriot, I don’t know what else will.

So to all of you haters out there, I have three letters for you. Our president is not a pig! I repeat. She is not a P-I-G! If she was, she would have been out of Malacañang years ago. Morons.


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I am a national hero.

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It’s August 1, 2009. A few hours more and I will finally be united with my beloved. She breathed her last at 3:15 this morning and it’s about time she rested.

It’s been 23 years since the People Power Revolution but my country is still struggling for freedom from a long standing culture of corruption, violence and deceit. Evil has merely taken a subtler form.

If I can only feel pain, I will be dipped in 8 feet  and 40 tons of it. The people whom I took a bullet for many years ago are the same ones who desecrate my memory.

It’s a good thing that I am dead now. If I were alive I will probably die of a heart attack upon seeing our nation at the mercy of these dogs whose rabies are more potent than that of the Marcoses.

I hope everything changes soon.


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I am a blank.

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Directions: Fill in the blanks. Any answer will do.

1. Wilma Galvante to Eddie Guttierez: The best gift you can give your children is to _________ their mother.

2. Satur Ocampo to GMA: Aanhin ang palasyo kung ang nakatira ay ___________.

3. Hayden Kho: Kung maikli ang __________, matutong mamaluktot.

4. Freddie Aguilar: Ang taong hindi marunong lumingon sa pinaggalingan ay isang __________.

5. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte: If you can’t beat them, _________ them.

6. Katrina Halili: The best way to a man’s heart is through his __________.


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I am happiness.

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I am everywhere. In simple joys and pretty flowers. In laughter. In strife. Even in sacrifice.

I am always a few inches away from your grasp yet you do not acknowledge me. You act as if you do not know me.

By way of selfishness or vanity, you are scared of me. You refuse to hold me in your hands for fear of losing me in the end.

Please understand that I am temporary. I was made that way so you would cherish me. That is my very essence. That is the whole point of my existence.

Come here child. Stop over-analyzing me. Embrace me. Savor me. Enjoy me while I last..

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